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My HLT5676S has horizontal stripes comprised of small black dots. What is causing this?
Recent Question:
High pitch sound from back of TV
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TV says to check fan 1
Recent Question:
My HD picture does not fill the screen
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How long are the bulbs supposed to last?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
My HLT5676S has horizontal stripes comprised of small black dots. What is causing this?
High pitch sound from back of TV
TV says to check fan 1
My HD picture does not fill the screen
How long are the bulbs supposed to last?


146 Questions : 35 Answers
Recent Question:
My DLP TV HL-T5676S starts showing white dots on the screen, a new dot appears every few days. Now it probably is about 20 dots.
132 Questions : 21 Answers
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How much would it cost to have a DLP chip replaced in a model HL-T6176S?
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How does this get removed from my list I no longer have this tv.
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Streaming Amazon movies
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part number for cooling fan
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my picture is red
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our tv keeps shutting off. it wont stay on. when it shuts off, there is the red light & 2 green lights that stay flashing on the lower left of the tv.
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Can you tell me what my issue might be?
82 Questions : 12 Answers
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tv turns off on it's own repeatedly. Picture quality is good., no signs of lamp going bad, is it the lamp.
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can I replace color wheel on my dlp tv?
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how can I connect my HP printer to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
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My HL-T4675S turns itself off at random times while using it. Sometimes it turns back on and others it won't. How do I fix the problem?
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High pitch sound from back of TV
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Is there any firmware avaliable fot dlp tv HL56A650C1XZA
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Replacement power cord for HLP6163W
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The TV just shuts off with out anyone near the controls
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I lost my red color on the screen
101 Questions : 8 Answers
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What is the part number for the led green blue and red
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